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Bespoke Healthcare Training

Take the stress out of planning and organising training for your organisation or small group.

Let us know your needs, and then handover to our experienced team who will then do the planning, organising and delivery for your training, so you don’t have to. Find out more about the bespoke training process below.

We will work closely with you to identify your needs, and will then create a training programme that meets your specific requirements at a timeframe to suit you and your staff.

Whether you are a small organisation who perhaps needs a single day training course, or a bigger organisation who need a large scale training programme, we can help!

Your bespoke training requirements

Our Bespoke Training Process


We work closely with our clients to understand their specific organisational needs. From this, our team will develop a suited training specification and delivery plan that is flexible to the availability and time constraints of you and your workforce.


We are able to develop a bespoke microsite booking system to facilitate quick and easy registration for delegates. This simplifies administrative functions and allows us to supply employers with a range of reports relating to delegate numbers, personal and workplace details and non-attendances.

The Training Course

Underpinned by the 6 Cs, our training comprises of both practice and theory and is delivered by trainers who have a wealth of experience in clinical and teaching roles. Learning is supplemented with a range of handouts and the use of case study approaches, and in-course assessments are used to gauge student understanding.


We ask all delegates to complete evaluations at the end of each course to ensure that content is relevant, engaging and beneficial to their development and role. Employers will be supplied with an evaluation report summarising these responses, which can be used as evidence for the achievement of deliverables.


We strongly encourage continuous professional development and don’t believe that learning should end once the delegate leaves the classroom. To facilitate this, we provide students with a wide selection of material and competency-based frameworks for use back in their place of work.


Our team will be on-hand to provide ongoing support to both the delegates and their employers throughout the duration of the training programme. Email addresses and named contacts will be supplied to delegates for any general and clinical queries. In addition to this, our team will submit regular progress reports, maintain a constant stream of communication and attend meetings at the request of the client.

What our clients say

Care Certificate Training

Ibrahim's Story

Ibrahim and his family came to the UK as refugees from Sudan. He tried and consistently failed to pass the GMC exam, preventing him from working as a doctor in the UK as he did in his home country. It wasn’t his knowledge that was the issue but how he put this into practice.

He lost hope and instead started working as an HCA in General Practice, where he was enrolled onto Annie Barr Associates’ Care Certificate course. In Ibrahim’s words:

The Care Certificate was a great enlightening and changing point in my career. Coming from abroad, I was used to working in a different environment. The Care Certificate bridged the gap between my knowledge and practice, filling it with ethics, communication skills and knowledge of policies and procedures. It introduced me to a new culture, the world of true and honest appreciation of my colleagues, teamwork and most importantly it made me aware of the patient’s needs. I am now a Doctor with an NHS mentality.

Ibrahim sat the GMC exam for the fourth time following the course and passed with flying colours.

Professional Clinical Skills For HCA's

Delegates Say:

At long last a course for the HCA! I not only gained medical knowledge but I found confidence, self-esteem and recognition as an important and valuable part of a team. As an HCA, these are often hard to come by.
Lisa Grant, Healthcare Assistant

Managers say:

The course was excellent. My HCA felt confident to ask any questions she had as the trainers were so friendly and approachable. Since completing the course, I have perceived her to be much more confident in her role. She has come back with lots of information and news ways of working, all of which we will be taking on board.
Practice Manager, Southampton
Bespoke Healthcare Training Services

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