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Jeremy Hunt, Integrated Care Mission and Launch of ABGI!

The World Bank, Chinese Government and World Health Organization recently carried out a sweeping study on health reform in China. It recommends that it moves away from its current hospital-centric model to one focused on primary care, which is a particular strength of the UKs world-leading healthcare system.

This was the basis of the recent integrated health and care trade mission organised by the Department of Trade, Healthcare UK and the China Britain Business Council. Annie Barr International was one of the companies selected to partake in the mission, alongside other leading UK healthcare organisations such as Age UK and Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust. 

The mission consisted of in-depth discussions with local governments and healthcare organisations in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Part of the itinerary was attended by Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt, who was involved in a top-level governmental People to People (P2P) Health Dialogue policy exchange with his Chinese counterpart, Madame Li Bin.

Annie was honoured to have been invited to breakfast with Jeremy Hunt and for him to have witnessed the signing of our £54.6m joint venture deal with our Chinese partners. This deal signing signifies the launch of our new company in China, Annie Barr Galilee International (ABGI), which will allow us to provide a full range of services in the region, including workforce development, operation and management, architecture and design and financial planning.

We look forward to what 2017 will bring for our new company and to making a difference to patient care in China.

 Annie sat in the front rowJeremy Hunt, Annie Barr and Eric Tang Singing handshakeJeremy Hunt, Annie Barr and team in front of their stand at Integrated Care Exhibition ChinaEric Tnag and Annie Barr signing agreement in front of Jeremy Hunt

ABGI standing in front of their stand at Integrated care exhibition

ABA Team
ABA Team

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