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Active Signposting for Receptionists

1 Days | £169.00 per Candidate

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Course Introduction

This course will equip medical receptionists to be able to direct patients to local services provided by health, social and voluntary sector providers, as well as providing resources for self-care. This is part of efforts to give GP receptionists greater roles within the extended primary care team and to be able to signpost in cases where the expertise of a GP or practice nurse are not required.

Aims & Objectives

  • To understand signposting and the role, including benefits of self care
  • To gain a greater understanding of current pressures facing NHS services
  • To have an awareness of appropriate local and national support services
  • To understand the extending role of the pharmacist and others
  • To gain an overview of risks and benefits of triage at reception
  • To understand how to manage risk and ensure patient safety including documentation and associated medico-legal requirements

Course Content

This course will equip receptionists with the skills required to identify situations where patients can be safely directed to alternative providers and resources. Encouraging greater self-reliance where appropriate and safe to do so, including risks and benefits, will be explored.

The importance of directory of services, NHS online resources will be addressed. Signposting patients to credible resources including support groups, information sources and providers equipped to best manage their problem is a theme throughout.

An introduction to telephone triage at point of reception will be provided with a focus on process, risks and benefits. Improving communication skills in the absence of visual cues is also part of this interactive programme.

Finally ensuring relevant documentation to meet patient safety requirements and improve effectiveness and efficiency at time of initial interaction & for future interaction(s) will be addressed.

Learning Outcomes from this module will be achieved through blended learning addressing all 4 key learning styles. This will include taught elements, exercises, focused interaction and structured group work relevant to both the specific operational role and organisational values.

Who Should Attend?

  • GP Reception Staff
Active Signposting for Receptionists
Course Detail
Title: Active Signposting for Receptionists
Duration: 1 Days
Cost: £169 per Candidate

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1 Days | £169.00 per Candidate

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