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Anticipatory Care Training - Annie Barr Associates
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Anticipatory Care Training

1 Days

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Course Content

  • Definitions Anticipatory Care Planning and what it involves
  • Different phases to care planning across the care sectors i.e., self-management phase and personal management planning
  • Narrative description of care planning and framework to support
  • Anticipatory Care Planning (long term conditions, older people and end of life)
  • When is Anticipatory Care Planning necessary i.e., frequency of hospital admission and increasing frailty
  • Anticipatory Care Planning and avoidance of burdensome interventions, medications and hospital admission
  • Maximising value of Anticipatory Care Planning by targeting service users most likely to benefit i.e., medium to high risk care across health and social care
  • Roles and responsibilities of individuals, carers/families GP’s, DN’s AHP’s, community matrons, care navigators etc. and social care professionals and workers in the development and application of Anticipatory Care Planning
  • Practical approach and documentation in support of Anticipatory Care Planning
  • The concept of capacity, best interest and the use of Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) in Anticipatory Care Planning

Course Introduction

Annie Barr Associates recognisethe importance of structured, appropriate and timely engagement of wider multidisciplinary team for service users for with long term physical and mental health conditions, increased frailty, older residents and end of life. To achieve the best outcome for service users and the desired outcomes across all sectors i.e., GP, acute sectors, primary care and hospital avoidance, staffs’ knowledge and skills about key aspects of Anticipatory Care is essential.

This training will include, didactic teaching on anticipatory care planning, collaborative approach and self –management.

The overall aim of this course is to enable staff to understand what Anticipatory Care Planning is and for staff across the disciplines and care sectors to be able to recognise their role and how these intertwine and support the process of discussion between an individual and their caregivers (and also their family) about their wishes regarding their future care. The course content will also incorporate the cultural and diversity element of the communication session to enable participants to understand the impact of cultural and empowering service users to be in charge of their own care.

Aims & Objectives

  • Increased understanding of roles and responsibilities
  • Improved collaboration with patients and service users, including carers
  • Improved decision-making processes
  • Supporting positive risk and promoting greater understanding of risk, reduced risks to patients and service users, including carers

In addition to the course will enable participants to gain:

  • An understanding of Anticipatory Care Planning
  • An understanding of the importance of Anticipatory care and proactive plan in relation to self-management of chronic conditions and entering the last years of life
  • To enable care professionals and care staff to gain knowledge on the importance of Anticipatory Care Planning and their role in successful planning, monitoring and evaluation
Anticipatory Care Training
Course Detail
Title: Anticipatory Care Training
Duration: 1 Days

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1 Days

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