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Cannulation Training - Annie Barr Associates
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Cannulation Training

3.5 Hours

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Course Content

  • Accountability guidelines and requirements
  • Legal and professional issues
  • Risk factors
  • Complications
  • Legal Issues including consent
  • Anatomy and physiology relating to cannulation
  • What to record
  • Disposal of waste
  • Infection control
  • Patient safety
  • Needle stick injuries
  • Competence and supervised practice

Course Introduction

A Level 3 accredited certificate will be awarded to successful candidates who will then be able to work towards competence at their own place of work under local supervision.

The course covers reasons why cannulation is necessary, identifying anatomy and physiology related to cannulation, correct identification of cannula and correct procedure used to insert cannula safely. In addition the opportunity to review practice with hands on practical demonstrations using lifelike veins.

Please note no live cannulation will be performed.

Aims & Objectives

  • Understand relevant legal and professional issues
  • Understand anatomy and physiology and correct vein selection
  • Be familiar with equipment and choose the most appropriate equipment
  • Become skilled and competent at cannulation
  • Practice safely in terms of infection control and waste management
  • Be able to identify potential complications and take the appropriate action
Cannulation Training
Course Detail
Title: Cannulation Training
Duration: 3.5 Hours

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3.5 Hours

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