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Chaperone Training Online

1 Hours | £15.00 per Candidate

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Course Introduction

Our Chaperone training course provides delegates with an introduction to the role and requirements of a Chaperone.

It will help those who have been asked to take on this role to apply a person-centred approach to clients, understand some of the key strategies for providing support to them and manage challenges that can occur as a result.

This Chaperone course is accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners and candidates will be allocated 2 CPD points on completion.

Course Aims

  • To identify when and for what a chaperone may be required
  • To understand the role requirements of a chaperone
  • To have an understanding of confidentiality issues and the procedures involved in raising concerns.

Course Content

  • Who are suitable chaperones
  • When would a chaperone be required
  • The role of a chaperone
  • Where misunderstandings occur
  • Confidentiality and patient information
  • Caldecott
  • Whistle blowing and examples of
  • Public interest and disclosure
  • What to do
  • Processes
  • Protection for workers
  • Raising concerns
  • Record keeping and documentation

Who should attend / would be applicable?

  • Anyone involved in Health Care

Chaperone Training Online
Course Detail
Title: Chaperone Training Online
Code: CHAPER4se2
Duration: 1 Hours
Cost: £15 per Candidate

Course Rating

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1 Hours | £15.00 per Candidate


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