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Contraception Training

1 Days

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Course Content

  • Setting the scene – historical perspective and current UK position surrounding young people and Sexual health
  • Exercise to establish current level of knowledge around sexual health

  • Clarify legal issues relating to sexual health and safeguarding issues
  • Clarify WHO medical eligibility criteria
  • Re-­-cap on all the main stream forms of available contraception including -­- Barrier Methods: condoms (male & female), caps, diaphragms, sponges-­- all Oral Contraceptives pills -­- Injectibles/implants -­- Hormonal patches -­- Intra-­-uterine devices: IUD/IUS-­- Natural Family Planning-­- include any updates for each method. This section will concentrate on the most relevant methods for young people.
  • Clarify NICE guidance on LARC methods and how this should be applied to young people
  • Outline current position for emergency contraception (E.C.) -­- explore possible problems in relation to E.C.
  • Outline National Chlamydia screening programme
  • Scenarios – group work
  • Consultation skills update in relation to working with young people -­- incorporating the basics of motivational interviewing in relation to young people and contraception
  • Role play demonstrating consultation skills
  • Clarify latest training requirements to becoming skilled to fit implants and/or IUCDs
  • Exploration of Termination of Pregnancy options for young people

Course Introduction

This course is designed to expand on the knowledge you already have and provide a refresher and update for those already working in this field.

Aims & Objectives

This course is designed for nurses. It will expand on the knowledge you already have and provide a refresher and update for those already working in this field.

Who Should Attend?

  • Nurses
  • Practice Nurses
  • Nurse specialising in contraception
  • Nurse working in sexual health
  • School nurse
  • Sexual health advisor
  • Professional working in the field of contraception and/or sexual health
Contraception Training
Course Detail
Title: Contraception Training
Code: CONTRAyGhb
Duration: 1 Days

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1 Days

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