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Customer Service Online Course

Customer Service Online Course

Duration 4 Hours | £35.00 per delegate

Course Introduction

More than 80% of business leaders in the UK believe customers are not only the biggest pressure point for businesses, but are also the most influential drivers of change within the commercial industry.

With its’ interaction with customers and varied experiences day to day, delivering excellent customer services will stand you out from the crowd.This short course will give you the upper edge in the world of retail and key understandings of customer service, adding a great example of your drive and desire to your CV and personal development.

Course Aims

This course will introduce you to skills needed to deliver excellent service to your customers.

Course Content

The course is split into manageable sections.

  • Section 1: The principles of customer service in an organisationIn this section, learners will begin to identify products and services provided by the organisation in which they work - the policies and procedures for customer service and the potential negative implications of offering poor customer service.
  • Section 2: How customer needs and expectations are identifiedLearners will understand how to identify and meet customer expectations, as well as learn to attend to situations where certain expectations cannot be met, potentially leaving a customer upset or frustrated.
  • Section 3: How to balance customer expectations against the organisation’s offerIn this section, learners will work towards understanding the effect of resource and financial implications, situations in which customer service is limited and also meeting customer expectations outside of the organisation’s offer.
  • Section 4: How complaints are handledThis section helps the learner understand what leads to customer complaints, the procedures to find a resolution for a complaint, the differing effects of complaints and why complaints are monitored.
  • Section 5: Legislation relating to customer service

Learners will cover any customer related legislation that affects customer service, individual health and safety responsibilities and gaining approval to make changes to procedures and practices.

Who should attend / would be applicable?

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to develop their customer service skills.

Course Dates Call 01661 844327 to make a telephone booking


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