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Dementia Awareness Online Course

3 Hours | £35.00 per Candidate

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Course Content

The course is split into manageable sections.

Section 1: Understanding what dementia isIn this section, you will begin to understand the fundamentals of what dementia is. The key functions of the brain that are affected by dementia and other conditions that may be mistaken for dementia are also explored within this section.

Section 2: Understanding key features of theoretical models of dementiaLearners will be able to accurately identify models of dementia within health and social care and understand dementia as a disability.

Section 3: Know the most common types of dementia and their causesThis section will teach the learner the most common causes of dementia, the risk factors involved and the diagnosis rates for dementia.

Section 4: Understanding factors relating to an individual’s experience of dementia

In this section you will be introduced to individual experiences of dementia and the attitudes and behaviours of others towards the condition.

Course Introduction

In 2013, there were 44 million people living with dementia worldwide, and this number is expected to more than triple within the next 35 years.

This short course will give you the knowledge required to understand the impact and key issues surrounding dementia.

Aims & Objectives

This course is designed to help raise your awareness and the key issues of dementia.

Suitable For

This course is suitable for anyone interested in raising their awareness of dementia.

Dementia Awareness Online Course
Course Detail
Title: Dementia Awareness Online Course
Duration: 3 Hours
Cost: £35 per Candidate

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3 Hours | £35.00 per Candidate

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