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Exploring the Principles of Healthy Eating Online Course

Exploring the Principles of Healthy Eating Online Course

Duration 5 Hours | £35.00 per delegate

Course Introduction

More than half of the people in England are overweight or obese. This ever increasing figure includes 61.9% of adults and 28% of children and young people.

This statistic could decrease significantly with a more wide-spread, engaged understanding of the importance of healthy eating.This short course will give you the knowledge you need to understand a wide variety of health issues and how to control and manage a healthy diet.

A great addition to your CV, to show your ongoing commitment to health and fitness, this short course is also immensely valuable for general knowledge.

Course Aims

This course will give you the knowledge to understand about diet and health, the components of a healthy diet, the role of nutrients in maintaining health, health food preparation and an awareness of food safety.

Course Content

The course is split into several engaging and manageable sections.

Section 1: Diet and healthIn this section the learner will understand the multi-faceted meaning of the term ‘diet’, what a healthy diet looks like and how to enjoy and maintain a balanced diet. This covers topics such as energy and its sources, lifestyle, obesity and the positives and negatives of salts.

Section 2: Components of a healthy dietLearners will be able to identify different food groups, better understand a balanced diet and know a range of information relating to how best to keep the body healthy.

Section 3: Nutrients and their role in maintaining healthLearners will identify the importance of nutrients, fluids and fibre and understand their pivotal role in maintaining good health and wellbeing.

Section 4: Healthy food preparationIn this section, learners will cover the key concepts of food preparation and understand what is essential to consider when planning a meal.Section 5: Food safety awareness

This section will introduce the learner to food safety and will help them understand about personal hygiene, cleaning and contamination.

Who should attend / would be applicable?

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their understanding the principles of healthy eating and the components of a healthy diet.

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