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Fire Safety Principles Online Course

2 Hours | £35.00 per Candidate

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Course Content

The course is split into manageable sections.

Section 1: Fire hazards and risksIn this section, the learner will identify different causes of fires in the workplace, understand the hazards during and after a fire related incident and also understand the characteristics of fire and smoke spread.

Section 2: Controlling fire risksThe learner will understand how to identify and control fire hazards, define ‘means of escape’ and learn about the typical components of such a plan. This section also covers fire detection and alarms, the principles of extinguishing and utilising firefighting equipment safely.

Section 3: Fire safety managementThis section covers employers’ and employees’ duties relating to fire safety, possessing the variety of skills required to carry out simple fire safety inspections and the stages of a fire risk assessment.

Section 4: The role of the fire warden

In this section, the learner will work towards an understanding of the role and function of the fire warden and the contents of a fire safety briefing.

Course Introduction

Recent government statistics, compiled in 2013, reported over 22,000 building fires, with 350 deaths as a result. Although figures are dropping, there is still a lot yet to learn about the hazards and risks associated with fire in the workplace.

This short course will give you the knowledge you need to understand those risks and how to effectively control and act upon any likely hazards.

A great addition to your CV to show your commitment to health and safety at work, this programme is also invaluable for general knowledge.

Aims & Objectives

This course will give you the knowledge to identify fire hazards and risks, how to control the risks and to understand the duties of the employer and the employee relating to fire safety.

Suitable For

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to understand the principles of fire safety and how to apply the principles in your particular place of work.

Fire Safety Principles Online Course
Course Detail
Title: Fire Safety Principles Online Course
Duration: 2 Hours
Cost: £35 per Candidate

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2 Hours | £35.00 per Candidate

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