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Paediatric Asthma Training - Annie Barr Associates
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Paediatric Asthma Training

1 Days | £169.00 per Candidate

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Course Content

  • An overview of asthma; prevalence and impact of asthma in children and young people
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the respiratory tract
  • Pathophysiology and mechanism of asthma
  • Atopy
  • The diagnosis of asthma in children and young people
  • The management of asthma (pharmacological and non-pharmacological) in children and young people
  • The importance of triggers
  • Assessing asthma control
  • Occupation and asthma
  • Inhaler Technique
  • Working with children, young people, parents and carers to achieve effective self-management
  • The impact of psychosocial factors on asthma
  • Personalised Asthma Action Plans (PAAP)
  • Management of asthma attacks
  • Asthma and school
  • Follow-up
  • Organisation of care
  • Signposting patients
  • Case studies

Course Introduction

Asthma is the commonest long term condition of childhood, currently affecting around 1.1million children in the UK. Despite the existence of effective therapy and robust evidenced based guidelines all too often children are receiving asthma care which fails to include the key components which are essential to achieve effective control of asthma symptoms leading to avoidable asthma attacks and asthma deaths. All children and young people should receive care which includes accurate and timely diagnosis, access to appropriate pharmacological therapy and supported self-management delivered by healthcare professionals who understand asthma and are both competent and confident in caring for children, young people and their parents/ carers throughout childhood and during transition.

Delegates will learn about the key aspects of guideline based care for children and young people with asthma from diagnosis, pharmacological therapy and supported self-management. This course will provide a foundation for future learning and development in this challenging but exciting area where they can make a difference and improve outcomes.

Aims & Objectives

  • Provide continuing professional development in asthma care
  • Provide a strong foundation and understanding of the important basics of high quality asthma care for children and young people
Paediatric Asthma Training
Course Detail
Title: Paediatric Asthma Training
Duration: 1 Days
Cost: £169 per Candidate

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1 Days | £169.00 per Candidate

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