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Understanding Eating Disorders Online Course

2 Hours | £35.00 per Candidate

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Course Content

The course is split into manageable sections.

Section 1: Types of eating disordersThis section develops learners’ understanding of several eating disorders.

Section 2: Potential causes of eating disordersThis section covers the common causes of eating disorders including psychological, environmental, societal and biological factors.

Section 3: The effects of eating disordersThis section outlines the harmful effects of an eating disorder on the individual, their family and close friends.

Section 4: Management and recovery from eating disorders

This section covers methods through which individuals with an existing eating disorder can manage and recover including medical interventions, public health resources and further treatment options.

Course Introduction

This short course will provide you with the knowledge required in order to understand the harmful effects and key issues innate in eating disorders.

This course is highly beneficial for general knowledge through gaining an understanding to support others living with an eating disorder.

Aims & Objectives

This course is designed to introduce you to the issues surrounding eating disorders.

Suitable For

This course is suitable for anyone interested in having an understanding of eating disorders.

Understanding Eating Disorders Online Course
Course Detail
Title: Understanding Eating Disorders Online Course
Code: UNDERSyfwM
Duration: 2 Hours
Cost: £35 per Candidate

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2 Hours | £35.00 per Candidate

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