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Verification of Expected Death Training

1 Days | £169.00 per Candidate

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Course Content

  • Background: The importance of training and competence
  • Legal issues
  • Scope and responsibilities
  • Definitions and processes
  • Procedures
  • Clinical examination following expected death
  • Eyes examination of the fundi and pupils
  • Chest examination – respirations heart sounds
  • Pulses
  • Categories of death
  • Actions to be taken as result of death
  • Verification of death guidelines
  • Communication with relatives
  • Communication in and out of hours

Course Introduction

For every party involved: relatives, carers and healthcare workers, verification of death is an important process.
It needs to happen before anything else. Nurses in palliative care, hospices and in the community, should always be trained to verify expected death. This makes the process run smoothly, during a doctor’s absence or delay. Through this course, nurses will gain valuable practical insights, clinical skills and communication methods to perform a verification of expected death. This ensures that nurses are equipped with confidence and knowledge they need, to carry out the process in a timely, sensitive and competent way.

You will be allocated 6 CPD points on the completion of the course.

Aims & Objectives

  • Develop the skills required in determining expected death
  • Fully understand legal requirements of recording a fact of death

Who Should Attend?

  • Hospice Nurses
  • Nurses who work in Care Homes
  • Community Nurses
  • Community Matrons
  • Macmillan Nurses
  • Cancer Care Nurses
  • District Nurses

Verification of Expected Death Training
Course Detail
Title: Verification of Expected Death Training
Duration: 1 Days
Cost: £169 per Candidate

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1 Days | £169.00 per Candidate

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