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Trainers and Consultants

Our training and consultancy services are delivered by our extensive team of associates, who boast a broad range of knowledge and years of clinical and teaching experience.

We take pride in our intrinsic link with the NHS, with many of our associates currently or formerly occupying senior healthcare positions, influencing government policy.

Tina Jegede
Sue Spencer
Katy Stainsby
Dr Zak Uddin
Jenny Ross
Tracy Lauder
Deborah Waddell
Gill Pearson
Dr Pramod Prabhakaran
Ann Burke
Sarah Jones
Maggie Bolton
Lynn Shrimpton
Karen Wilding
Dr Alan McCubbin
Helene Irvine
Ian Clough
Jenny Aston
Gary Hopkins
John Saberton
Tobie Waggett
Reena Gonsai
Jacqui Reilly
Rose Nyoni

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