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BCG Scar Identification Training For Occupational Health Nurses

course information

This course is a half-day course. The participants will understand the importance of identifying BCG Scars and its application in the wider Public Health agenda.


aims and objectives

  • introduce the importance of correct identification measures when identifying BCG Scars.

  • to take a detailed history of BCG vaccination.

  • to identify BCG scars

  • to understand the reasons for correct identification

  • to be able to take a detailed history of BCG vaccination and scar history.

  • to be able to correctly identify BCG scars

  • to be able to differentiate BCG scars from Small Pox scars.

  • to understand the context and reasons for checking within your organisation


course contents

  • Roles and Responsibilities-Role of Occupational Health Nurses

  • Identifying Scars-Why?

  • Smallpox and BCG

  • History of BCG-Policies and Procedures

  • Demographics

  • Other countries BCG Programmes

  • Mantoux and BCG

  • Efficacy

  • Scar History

  • How to take a history

  • How to identify

  • Case Studies and practical

who should attend?

  • Nurses and Occupational Health Staff

  • Doctors

  • Pharmacists

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