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Clinical skills and nutrition

course information

This course is for anyone who wants to learn clinical skills and how to use natural alternatives to treatments for chronic disease. Its innovative, new and refreshing. If you are interested in clinical skills and want to look for different solutions then this is the course for you.  This is a 3-day programme. The course is delivered Day 1 by Webinar online live, day 2 and 3 are face to face. This course provides the theoretical and the practical clinical frameworks to enable the Health Care Assistant to develop their role. It also includes practical workshops.  This course covers 13 of the care certificate standards.  The course is interactive and discussions will be encouraged.

aims and objectives

  • Understand the importance of Nutrition in Healthcare

  • Understand the importance of safe clinical practice

  • Comprehensively cover the fundamental skills applicable to health care staff

course contents

  • Roles responsibilities and accountability

  •   Your personal development

  •   Asthma

  •   COPD

  •   Respiratory System / Peak Flows / Spirometry

  •   Dementia / Awareness of mental health and learning disability

  •   Hypertension

  •   CHD

  •   Diabetes Type 1 and 2 and blood glucose monitoring

  •   Health Screening

  •   Patient self-management / Person Centered care

  •   Health coaching

  •   12 Lead ECG’s and AF

  •   Stroke

  •   Urinalysis

  •   Ischaemic Heart Disease

  •   Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

  •   Pulse

  •   Blood pressure monitoring

  •   The importance of temperature

  •   Pulse Oximetry

  •   Respiratory system

  •   Urinalysis

  •   Fluid balance

  •   Nutrition

  •    Vitamins and Minerals

  •    Supplements

  •   Infection Control

  •   Boundaries

  •   Law - Duty of care

  •   Competence

  •   Consent

  •   Supervision

  •   Communication and consultation skills

  •   Safeguarding

  •   Documentation and record keeping / handling information / confidentiality


who should attend?

  • This course is tailored for Health Care Assistants, Care Workers, Support Workers and those working in general practice, primary or secondary health care settings and nursing homes. Nurses can also attend this course for a refresher.

If you have any queries regarding this training course or any of our other courses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using one of the contact methods given.

All courses can be delivered on-site, or at an arranged venue.


To discuss your bespoke training requirements please contact us on

0333 335 0044 or 07500 048222.

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