The NHS Health Check

Despite cardiovascular disease killing more persons than any other illness, cancer included, and being responsible for one in four premature deaths, it may come as a surprise that only half of the population take up the offer of a completely free NHS Health Check, sometimes also referred to as a... Read this article

Tuberculosis Update for Healthcare Professionals

With over 2 million deaths a year worldwide, and around 8,000 new cases diagnosed annually in the UK alone, Tuberculosis, commonly abbreviated to TB, is still very much an active problem. Though the concentration of cases in Great Britain is low compared to some parts of the world, global travel... Read this article

Innovations in Primary Care Conference

As we move towards a seven day NHS, experts have raised concerns that the already stretched Primary Care sector cannot take the strain. The GP Forward View, published in April 2016, sets out ambitious proposals aimed at boosting recruitment, investment in technology and developing GP... Read this article

Practical Advice on the use of Chaperones

In recent years, there has been a field change in the healthcare-patient relationship, from that of paternalism, to shared decision making. Increasingly patients want a hand in choosing their management. Often a physical examination is not only part of this process, but also represents good care.... Read this article

Work Related Stress and Burnout

As healthcare workers we are always advised to be vigilant to the possibility of mental health problems in our patients. In contrast, we are often not very good at recognising the symptoms and signs in ourselves or our co-workers, and even when we do; there is often a reluctance to admit to them,... Read this article

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