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Winter Pressures - Recruiting Nurses and HCAs

For years people have asked if we recruit nurses and HCAs, it's a question that has come up time and time and again and after so many years we have decided now is the time! Initially we are looking at easing winter pressures this year, to acheive this we will help recruit staff for you. Since our... Read this article

Current Approaches to Mental Health

Although the profile of mental health issues has been greatly raised in the last few years, and with good reason, sadly it has often struggled to gain parity with physical illnesses, in terms of both funding as well as importance in the minds of some healthcare professionals as well as members of... Read this article

Zika Virus in the UK

It is very unlikely that there will ever be an outbreak of Zika Virus in the UK, simply because its vector, the aedes aegypti mosquito, which also carries dengue and yellow fever, cannot survive the weather in this country. Nonetheless, as healthcare professionals, we need to be aware of diseases... Read this article

Childhood Immunisation

The UK childhood immunisation schedule is well established and begins at eight weeks post birth, extending to 14 years of age, with boosters thereafter. Ideally all children should be immunised, for their own protection, as well as that of the wider population. The principle of herd immunity,... Read this article

Travel Vaccination

With the advent of global travel, which is now no longer limited to the traditional holiday seasons, as healthcare professionals, we need to have an awareness and understanding of travel vaccinations. Some patients may only mention their plans for trips abroad as an aside to the main reason for... Read this article

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