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Influenza Immunisation 2017

It's really important that everyone is immunised and in particular with the Influenza vaccine. Every year the strain covered in the vaccine is reviewed and usually changes and new strains added. The World Health Organisation (WHO) issues guidance based on experiences and strains in other countries... Read this article

Dementia Awareness Week: Learning the Truth About Dementia

With over 800,000 people with dementia in the UK alone, and a further 400,000 unaware of their condition, dementia is a growing challenge that's happening right now. However, not enough people know that much about dementia. Lack of knowledge throughout the public, and even within the nursing and... Read this article

Who Needs Chaperone Training

Chaperone training is vital for many staff members, and sometimes volunteers, at a range of medical and healthcare settings. If you're wondering whether you need chaperone training, or whether you need to consider training staff or volunteers at your workplace in chaperoning, then read on. What is... Read this article

International Nurses Day

Today, May 12th 2017, is International Nurses Day. Celebrated each year on the anniversary of Florence Nightingales birth, this day gives us all the opportunity to thank and appreciate nurses for the incredible work that they do each and every day. At Annie Barr Associates, our goal is simple; We... Read this article

Asthma in schools

This week, on World Asthma Day we learnt more about the tragic death of a 14 year old boy from a sudden asthma attack in school. Since 2014 schools have had a statutory duty of care to support children and young people with medical conditions, including asthma. A vital part of supporting children... Read this article