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Duty Of Candour

course information

This course is a very brief introduction to the key points of the Duty of Candour Act. It will be informative and provide theoretical information regarding roles responsibilities and procedures. Time will be allowed for interaction, questions and advice.

aims and objectives

  • Understand how to identify incidents of unexpected or unintended harm and explain how the procedure should be applied

  • Describe how

  • Explain the Duty of Candour Act

  • Outline monitoring and reporting requirements

  • Identify what lessons could be learnt and shared

  • Explain what resources are available for further support

course contents

  • The Duty of Candour Act

  • What does it mean?

  • The Act and the main principles

  • What do the regulations say? GMC,CQC,NMC,HPC

  • Openess and culture

  • What do I have to tell patients?

  • Responsible person and their role

  • Monitoring, recording and reporting

  • Harm

  • Organisational responsibilities and procedures

  • Honesty is best policy

  • The 4 R’s. Reflect, Regret,Reason Remedy

  • Legal requirements

  • Communication

  • Investigation

  • What can I say and not say?

  • Notification

  • Apology

  • Support

who should attend?

  • Nurses

  • Doctors

  • Practice Managers

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