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Care Certificate

course information

The Care Certificate assesses the fundamental skills, knowledge and behaviours that are required to provide safe, effective and compassionate care. The Care Certificate is awarded to staff in healthcare settings who can demonstrate they meet each of the 15 Care Certificate Standards.

We have added an additional 16th standard which covers Vital Signs.

We teach this course to all sectors of healthcare and tailor the course according to the sector and staff group we are delivering to.

This is a 12 week course, which consists of 3 training days for delegates. To complete this course you must have a mentor Assessor at your place of work. The mentor will sign you off. Assessors will support delegates in their place of work throughout the duration of the course. The assessor training day will take place prior to the Care Certificate course

Structure: read carefully

You will undertake 3 days training followed by a 4th day at week 12.

You will be expected to bring your completed workbooks and show evidence of being signed off throughout this programme. If work is not completed and evidenced then you will not receive our certificate.


aims and objectives

  • To comprehensively cover the fundamental skills and knowledge applicable to the delegate’s role

  • To meet the 15 Care Certificate Standards

  • To be able to provide high quality care to patients


course contents

  • 15 Care Certificate Standards

  • 1. Understanding your role

  • 2. Your personal development

  • 3. Duty of care

  • 4. Equality and diversity

  • 5. Work in a person centered way

  • 6. Communication

  • 7. Privacy and dignity

  • 8. Fluids and nutrition

  • 9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability

  • 10. Safeguarding adults

  • 11. Safeguarding children

  • 12. Basic Life Support

  • 13. Health and Safety

  • 14. Handling information

  • 15. Infection prevention and control

  • The Care Certificate sets out the learning outcomes and standards of behaviour that must be expected of Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers – it is a key component of the total induction which an employer must legally provide in order to meet the essential standards set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The Care Certificate also reflects how the behaviours are underpinned by the Chief Nursing Officers 6Cs:

  • Care

  • Compassion

  • Competence

  • Communication

  • Courage

  • Commitment


who should attend?

  • Healthcare Assistants working in general practice, primary or secondary care

  • Assistant Practitioners

  • Care Support Workers

  • Adult Social Care Workers giving care in residential and nursing homes and hospices

  • Administration Staff

assessment of competence

Delegates will leave the training course with a Care Certificate Workbook which will be taken back to their place of work – it details the elements underpinning the 15 Standards plus one additional standard and has questions and practical activities for the delegate to complete. Final assessment as to the competency of the delegate will be undertaken by the employer. Guidance and assessment tools are provided to enable this decision to be taken. The person responsible for assessing competence must themselves be competent in the standard they are assessing.


Certification is made by Annie Barr International once we receive the final document from the assessor/mentor, with all standards signed off.

assessor training

The 1 day assessor training covers:

  • Understanding the requirements of an assessor

  • Understanding what assessment is

  • How to use a range of assessment methods

  • The ability to plan Care Certificate assessments and make consistent assessments

  • The ability to provide guidance and support to Care Certificate participants

It is essential that assessors attend this training before delegates attend the care certificate course

Please NOTE Your employer will issue your Care Certificate. ABI will ONLY issue your accredited certificate once you have provided written evidence that you have completed the course.

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