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Bespoke & Consultancy Healthcare Training

At AB Health Group we can provide almost any healthcare based bespoke training that your organisation needs. Our model of work harnesses the skills of our ‘in-house’ team, but also a wide range of Consultants with a variety of specialisms from a Doctor providing Dermatology, BCG training, GDPR in Primary Care, to Diabetes Specialists training GP Receptionists.

Please contact us or call us on 0333 335 0044 to ask for further information, we can discuss your training requirements at a price that works for you.


cqc inspection training

We have a team of specialists providing a wide range of support to Primary Care teams around CQC Inspection. We deliver workshops to Practice Managers and their teams around preparing for CQC, we are also supporting Practices with ‘Requires Improvement’ and in ‘Special Measures’ turning their situation around to enable them to gain a ‘Good’ in their follow-on inspection. We work with a team including a CQC Inspector, Practice Manager, Project Manager, Senior Nurses and others depending on the needs of the contract. In our experience it is far better to get our support early than wait until an inspection is due.

good practice management

Running an efficient and cost-effective practice.

We have an outstanding multi-disciplinary team who are able to work with GP Practices on a wide range of day to day tasks and challenges, the ultimate outcome is streamlining workload throughout the Practice and, in many cases significant cost reduction. Subjects include; dealing with difficult employees, workload planning – avoiding ‘mad March’, GDPR – the practicalities, Significant Events Management, Risk and Issue Management….


If you would like to discuss this with us please contact us as soon as possible, to deliver this training requires coordinating a number of independent consultants we work with, as well as in-house diaries to meet training requirements.


Preparing for CQC

This includes workshops for PCN’s/CCG’s/Federations in supporting GP practices preparing for CQC inspections. We offer bespoke support to Practices who have received ‘Requires Improvement’. We have a multi-disciplinary team including Practice Manager, Nurse, Project Management, CQC Inspector offer an extensive range of support and training.


Streamlining Practice Management

We offer bespoke training to assist practices in streamlining processes creating significant savings, and addressing topics such as; Significant Events, General Data Protection Guidelines, Change Management, Risk and Issue Management to name a few. Please contact us for the full range of Practice Management training we can offer.

Healthcare Training

We offer our full range of training, and many more as part of our bespoke training service. We can devise specific training around healthcare courses to meet your objectives, we can advise on the form of assessment that best demonstrates learning outcomes have been met and deliverables achieved. We do this by working with you to understand the aims and objectives of the training, how they align with organisational goals and then develop tools to measure outcomes before, after and during the programme.

Report Writing

We are able to write a range of reports, as well as advising on structure and content if you need advise.

We want to help you by providing strategic support to your organisation, strengthening the quality of your healthcare delivery and patient care.

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