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Wound Management

Course information

On this Wound Management course, you will learn about wounds and how they occur, how to manage them and the different types of wounds. We will cover leg ulcers and compression bandaging. You will leave with the knowledge and confidence to complete a competence based framework document to be used in practice. You need to identify a mentor who will supervise your practice. In order to gain your certificate you will need to complete the competence based framework.

aims and objectives

  • Comprehensively develop knowledge and skills required for safe and effective wound management.

  • Describe the anatomy and physiology of the skin

  • Describe the purpose of the skin

  • Describe the causes of wounds and risk factors

  • Understand complications

  • Understand infection control

  • Be able to assess and classify wounds and apply knowledge when dealing with wounds

  • Understand your role in relation to wounds and wound management including guidelines and boundaries

  • Describe the issues relating to the therapeutics of the relevant dressings and how they work

  • Understand how to apply dressings safely including choice of dressing for the appropriate site and the need for observation of patient post procedure

  • Understand the need for audit and governance

  • Recognise factors that delay healing

  • Understand how to remove sutures and staples correctly.

course contents

  • Role of the HCA

  • Accountability responsibility guidelines and requirements

  • Legal issues

  • Confidentiality

  • Consent and Capacity

  • Documentation and record keeping

  • Supervision and competence

  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin and wound healing including:

  • inflammation, proliferation, epithelialisation, maturation

  • Factors that promote and delay wound healing

  • Risk factors

  • Classification of wounds

  • Aseptic technique and infection control

  • What dressing for what wounds?

  • Dressings and how to apply

  • Dressing -selection

  • Wound management

  • Necrotic wounds

  • Granulating wounds

  • Leg Ulcers

  • Compression bandages

  • Recognising signs of infection and deterioration

who should attend?

  • HCAs​

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