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cqc inspection training

course information

Our CQC Inspection Training covers the steps a Practice and its staff should take to prepare for a successful CQC inspection. It sets out what will be required by the CQC prior to the inspection and what will be expected from each member of staff on the day. This includes the requirements for the Practice’s Patient Participation Group and what the inspection team will expect to see about the PPG. It reviews all of the policies, protocols and guidelines the Practice should have in place and what HR and administrative files the inspection team will be looking for. The course also looks at important areas such as infection control, health and safety, emergency drugs and anaphylaxis and will focus on the importance of accurate record keeping and what this should look like. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss their understanding of the CQC inspection and the myths surrounding it. The course will be fully interactive and all delegates will be encouraged to share best practice ideas with each other.

aims and objectives

  • Understand the steps to be taken prior to the CQC inspection

  • Understand the patient groups the inspection team will be concentrating on and why

  • Understand the information and documentation the Practice will have to send to the CQC team prior to their inspection

  • Describe the checks which should be carried out at the Practice prior to inspection day

  • Understand how the inspection day will look and who the inspection team will want to interview

  • Get an idea of the contents of the presentation from the Lead GP and Practice Manager that the inspection team will want to see at the start of the day

  • Fully understand the HR and administrative notes, files, policies and protocols the inspection team will be looking at and what the staff files should contain for both clinical and non-clinical staff

  • Fully understand the Health and Safety and Infection Control requirements the inspection team will be looking for

  • Understand what the GP, Practice Manager, Practice Nurse, Reception Team, Patients and Patient Participation Group members requirements will be on the day of the inspection

  • Fully understand what the inspection team will be looking for regarding emergency drugs, oxygen supplies, resuscitation equipment, clinical fridges and their contents, basic life support and anaphylaxis

  • Understand what will happen at the end of the day and what the next steps will be

course contents

  • Myth busting!

  • Requirements from the Surgery prior to the inspection

  • Roles and responsibilities of each team member

  • What will be required on the day

  • Who the inspection team will be speaking to

  • Practice presentation

  • HR requirements and staff file contents

  • Health and safety and infection control requirements

  • Legionella testing

  • Emergency drugs, anaphylaxis, oxygen, defibrillator

  • Basic life support

  • Clinical fridges and cold storage of vaccines

  • File management

  • CQC policies and protocols needed by the Practice

  • Recording meetings and different meeting types

  • Confidentiality and security requirements

  • Smartcard requirements

  • Patient Participation Group

  • Safeguarding adults and children

  • Chaperone policy

  • Repeat prescriptions and electronic prescription service

  • Prescription and back up tape security

  • Medicines management

  • Business continuity

  • Disposal of clinical waste and injections

  • Posters and notices to be displayed and where

  • Fire safety and fire drills

  • Patient safety

  • Needle stick injuries and accident recording

  • Significant events and recording

  • Complaints and how they are handled

  • Care planning and documentation

  • Staff training recording and certificates

  • CPD

  • PSD’s and PGD’s

  • Emergency/urgent appointments

  • What happens at the end of the day

  • The inspection report

  • Your responsibilities


who should attend?

  • GP’s

  • Practice Managers

  • Practice Nurses

  • HCA’s

  • Receptionists

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